The Needs of others (2018)   

This series of pieces acts as a cyclical expression of the psychological effects of caretaking. Research shows that “caregiving has all the features of a chronic stress experience: It creates physical and psychological strain over extended periods of time, is accompanied by high levels of unpredictability and uncontrollability, has the capacity to create secondary stress in multiple life domains such as work and family relationships, and frequently requires high levels of vigilance" (Schulz R, Sherwood PR).


Those who assume the role of caretaker often anticipate the needs of others while simultaneously neglecting themselves.


These pieces may exist together or alone.

2. A durational performance for two people underwater, diaries, home, & bathtub

3. for significant others underwater

4. For two stockpots and two people underwater

5. For person, phone book, & telephone

Please contact me for performance materials.

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